Kids want to spend more time outdoors, exerting their newfound independence, playing, and exploring as they grow older. Although they are ready to have fun outdoors on their own, they still rely on parents to keep them protected and warm from all elements during winter.

Like kid’s gloves, you won’t have to worry when they play outside with proper winter gear. Here’s a round-up of the best gloves for snow play.

Best Gloves for Snow Play that Are Waterproof

The best gloves for snow play should be waterproof. Waterproof gloves are essential for kids during the winter season as they love playing in the snow. Hands get colder when they are wet.

  • 1. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves

N'Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves


When the little ones are playing in the snow outside, you should ensure that wet snow and cold don’t get inside their coat sleeves and gloves. You should also ensure the gloves are warm and waterproof.

N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves provides everything you would want to keep your kid’s hands warm. The glove is insulated and comes in different fun colors and sizes. The Thinsulate fabric is ideal for warmth, while the knitted cuff is perfectly tucked in the jacket sleeves preventing snow from penetrating inside.

They are easy on and off gloves and equally adjustable, making them the best gloves for snow play.

  • 2. Tough Outdoors Winter Snow and Ski Gloves

Tough Outdoors Winter Snow and Ski Gloves


If your kids love winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, you need to ensure their hands are protected at all times, and these Tough Outdoors Winter Gloves are your best bet. The gloves are windproof, super durable, and waterproof.

The gloves are made of a nylon shell material and synthetic leather palm to keep the kid’s hands warm and make gripping easy. Tough Outdoors comes with a one-year guarantee for when the gloves don’t offer enough protection. The best kids winter gloves when it comes to waterproof protection.

Touch Screen Kids Winter Gloves

Kids in the modern century have their phones topping their priority list. Parents need to get touch screen winter gloves for kids, especially if they are old enough to own a phone.

  • 3. Lethmik Mix Knit Touchscreen Gloves

Lethmik Mix Knit Touchscreen Gloves


Lethmik Mix Touchscreen Gloves are the best bet for older kids that can’t keep their tablets and phones away. The winter gloves are a knit mix, exceptionally soft, and super comfortable on little hands. They are made of wool and acrylic.

The gloves are not waterproof but guarantee to keep your kid’s hands warm in cold temperatures. However, the gloves should fit snuggly for the thumb touch screen pads to work perfectly well for the children to use their electronic gadgets in the bus or car without necessarily taking them off.

  • 4. VBG VBIGER Fleece Touchscreen Gloves

VBG VBIGER Fleece Touchscreen Gloves


Kids hate winter gloves as they can get in the way of their playtime, like grabbing things, and they are also bulky. However, VBG VBIGER typically makes sport-style winter gloves with touchscreen pads on the fingers and keeps you warm in cold temperatures.

The fleece winter gloves are quite warm and lightweight. Besides, they make outdoor playtime easy for kids who love building snow forts, making snowmen, and having snowball fights as they are flexible.

The gloves also feature reflective strips, which work well in the dark. The gloves are not ideal for 0-degree weather but are great for kids to use in the school bus, car, and shopping.

  • 5. Adidas Performance Field Player Fleece Gloves

Adidas Performance Field Player Fleece Gloves


These gloves are made of polyester, are breathable with a snug fit ideal for kids who don’t like them bulky and love playing winter sports. The gloves have adjustable cuffs to prevent snow from getting inside. It also features fingertips silicone inserts for children who engage in sports like soccer and football and require an extra boost to catch the ball.

The gloves come in different sizes and classic Adidas white and black colors. If you want warm gloves with a snug fit and offer flexibility, these gloves come in handy even for kids who don’t play sports.

  • 6. N’Ice Caps Easy-On Fleece Gloves

N'Ice Caps Easy-On Fleece Gloves


N’Ice Caps is a famous brand known to make perfect winter gloves. Their fleece gloves are also great for snow play as they have Sherpa lining and are extra thick to keep the little’s one hands warm all day. Although the gloves are not 100% waterproof, they are more protective than their fleece counterparts in the market.

N’Ice Caps Fleece Gloves have an adjustable cuff that perfectly tucks in to prevent snow from getting inside and protects your kids from both cold and snow. The gloves are only available in two different sizes and four-color options. The gloves additionally come with jacket clips to keep them in place. Plus, they are lightweight.

Kids Winter Mittens

Mitten is the number one alternative to gloves. They are an excellent alternative since they allow children to squeeze their fingers together, keeping their hands warm and are comfortable to wear. Here are some of the best winter mittens:

  • 7. Arctic Paw Sherpa 3-Pack Lined Mittens

Arctic Paw Sherpa 3-Pack Lined Mittens


Kids never outgrow mittens, especially during the winter season, when the temperatures are low, and their little hands need extra protection. These mittens are lined with warm, thick Sherpa for additional comfort and warmth. The mittens are also breathable.

The Sherpa provides more warmth as the Sherpa wraps around the cuffs for a snug fit. These mittens are relatively affordable and fit children between the age of four to eight.

  • 8. Unigear Kids’ Ski Mittens

Unigear Kids’ Ski Mittens


Unigear Mittens are ideal for kids who love skiing. The best ski mitts should be more substantial than the regular ones. They should be waterproof, adequately insulated, and warm enough to protect the child’s hands against harsh weather conditions.

The mitts should also have long cuffs to prevent snow from getting inside the ski jacket’s sleeves. Unigear Mitten offers all these and even more. When your kid is ready to hit the slopes, this is your go-to mitt!

Factors to Consider When Shopping for The Best Gloves for Snow Play

Below are some factors to consider when buying the best winter gloves in the market for your kids:

  • Materials

The material plays a significant role when it comes to the best gloves for snow play. The fabric usually determines two significant variables – waterproofing and warmth. Gloves made with more insulated and thicker materials are always warmer.

Insulation materials typically make a considerable difference with more popular choices, including Thinsulate, cotton, and fleece. When it comes to waterproofing, the glove’s outer layer should be made of a water-resistant fabric like nylon. It should also include adequate insulation for protection against water managing to seep through the gloves. Generally, check out for winter gloves that guarantee warmth and waterproofing.

  • Climate

Personal preferences tend to differ with climatic changes. If your region’s climate is not very harsh during winter, a less insulated glove will work fine for you. Besides, you might find full-blown gloves too hot for the kids. In such instances, go for simple fleece gloves with a layer and leather gloves.

  • Activities

It would help if you consider the purpose of the winter gloves to make the right decision for your kids. Most children love to participate in different activities during the winter season. From hockey, skiing to snowboarding, there are so many ways to keep them occupied. Get winter gloves that can correctly hold to the task.

Go for ski and waterproof gloves if your child will take on various snowy activities.

  • Price Versus Quality

Price is usually the last consideration. However, you need to consider quality as price alone isn’t usually enough. If you do a little research, you will notice that a slight price increase typically correlates to a rise in quality as well. Besides, winter gloves are worth the investment as cold hands alone can ruin an entire winter day.

Check out all the options you have and see which one fits in your budget and has all the features you need for a perfect winter season.

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