One of the most important things that everyone needs to know when it comes to outdoor activities in cold weather is keeping your extremities dry and warm. When the temperatures run low during winter or chilly days, it’s usually the hands and feet that get coldest first. Getting hold of thick woolen socks and hefty boots isn’t quite as hard.

Besides, when the body is in motion or even the act of walking by itself generates warmth that helps keep the legs and feet warm. However, the hands are a totally different story especially thin gloves for extreme cold.

Hands and fingers usually get painfully cold first in extreme temperatures. Besides, lack of muscles and fat on the fingers typically means that your fingers will remain dangerously cold even if your core is super warm. It’s therefore important to pick the best thin gloves for extreme cold to keep your hands warm especially if you are planning to walk outside.

Finding exceptionally warm snow or winter gloves is easy, what’s hard is getting those than are relatively thin yet toasty warm. Gloves are made of different materials from fleece lining, wool liners, pigskin and sheepskin leather.

However, thin cheaply made gloves usually don’t have waterproof features if any at all which can be a disaster if you come in contact with snow or water. A cold hand is bad enough already but wet cold hands can result in serious problems. It’s therefore important to keep them warm and dry.

Best Thin Gloves for Extreme Cold -20°C

Here are some of the best thin lightweight and durable gloves for extreme cold in the market:

#1. Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove

Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove


You must always layer up your hands as you would with your clothing if you want to keep them warm enough in extreme cold. A perfect pair of lightweight, form-fitting gloves with lining always acts as a base of warm layer and is equally important. You can wear liner gloves on their own but what makes them stand out is that you can take off the bulky and heavy mittens but the liner will still keep the hand protected.

The Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove is a worthwhile investment for these two reasons – They are touchscreen compatible and are also uniquely designed and well-made. The gloves are unisex and comes in different fun colors and sizes ranging from XS up to L which makes them the best thin gloves for extreme cold.

Just like the name suggests, this liner glove is made of wool specifically a blend of wool. The most important part consists of a combination of acrylic, nylon and merino wool. However, the index finger and thumb feature polyester because the material is touchscreen compatible. This is quite advantageous because you can comfortably use your android phone and other smart devices without exposing your hands to the cold air. You can either layer it down or up with a thick glove depending on your location making them the best thermal winter gloves.

#2. The North Face Etip Glove

The North Face Etip Glove


North Face is a popular brand known to make exquisite outdoor gear and apparel. However, the brand also offers an incredible selection when it comes to ideal gloves for extreme cold. You can never go wrong with the North Face Etip Glove especially when it narrows down to lightweight and thin winter gloves.

Thermal Kinetic Advancement technology has been used in making TNF’s fleece lined gloves to improve on their durability and insulation. The gloves are unisex but the only difference is in the anatomical sizing. The tiny design feature provides a more comfortable and snugger fit ideal for women with small hands who have trouble finding the right size. Some unisex winter gloves come in smaller sizes which are still large on small hands.

The North Face Elite Glove are uniquely designed for lighter warmth in extreme cold conditions and feature a 5-way dimensional fit. They are a perfect choice when you are out running errands and on mild winters. You can also use them as liner gloves especially when the temperatures run extremely low.

However, these gloves are not touchscreen compatible but are well-made, lightweight and breathable since they are made of fleece. The gloves only come in black and are fairly priced.

#3. Under Armor Cold Gear Infrared Fleece Gloves

Under Armor Cold Gear Infrared Fleece Gloves


Under Armor is a popular brand known to make exquisite cold gears and these gloves are no exception. Their Infrared Fleece Gloves works perfectly in extreme weather conditions. Just like all the other UA gloves, this one too comes in both women’s and men’s sizing and different fun color options. However, they are a bit expensive but the manufacturer guarantees your money’s worth when you invest in it. The gloves will keep your hands warm as you run out your everyday duties.

Under Armor Cold Gear Infrared Fleece Gloves are made with a blend of elastane and polyester. The exterior fabric is quick-drying but not waterproof since its breathable. The interior features a perfectly brushed lining made of infrared technology that is a super soft thermo-conductive material which tends to absorb and also retain body heat emitted from your hands naturally.

The palm area is made of a suede material for firmer grip and feature extended cuffs on the wrist. Cold Gear Infrared Fleece Gloves are touchscreen compatible since the fingers and thumbs are made with UA technology. This therefore means that you wouldn’t need to take off your gloves to use your smartphone.

The gloves are not only thin looking and sleek but also quite warm ideal for outdoor winter activities. They are additionally stylish enough for casual wear since they are not bulky and provide enough dexterity for the fingers.

#4. Head Multi-Sport Sensa TEC Gloves

Head Multi-Sport Sensa TEC Gloves


Head Multi-Sport Sensa TEC Gloves are ideal for different outdoor winter activities although the brand is not quite popular like their counterparts above. The gloves are incredibly warm and fit perfectly well on the hands. Generally, the design doesn’t limit dexterity as the fingers can move freely which mean you won’t have to take off the gloves when using electronics or doing other things.

You can use these gloves for different activities. The gloves are ideal for running on the streets or trail, golfing, cycling and hiking. The palm area of the glove is made of a silicon design finish which offers a better grip especially on smart devices, trekking poles and handlebars. The Sensa TEC technology is employed on the glove’s fingertips to enable you use your smartphone without removing the gloves thereby exposing your hands to cold air outside.

These Head Multi-Sport Sensa TEC Gloves feature an extended wrist cuff for a more comfortable and snug fit on the hands. The gloves come in different unisex sizing with the sizes ranging from X to L and 2XL for slightly bigger hands. They are available in black and grey. Besides, you can easily get them in online stores like Amazon, Costco and Walmart. This glove is your best bet if you are looking for something lighter, stronger than fleece and warmer than liners.

Best Thin Gloves for Extreme Cold Below 20◦

When the temperatures fall below 20 degrees, you’ll need to compromise dexterity and go for insulation. You can still get some great glove alternatives in this case.

Alpha SL Arc’teryx Gloves

Alpha SL Arc’teryx Gloves


Get the Alpha SL Glove from Arc’teryx if you are talking frigid weather conditions where a windproof glove is also required. The glove is a perfect balance between dexterity and insulation. The wind-resistant material is typically designed for very extreme windshear especially for the rock climbers but can serve perfectly on other cold scenarios.

Sealskinz All Season Gloves

Sealskinz All Season Gloves


These are the best thin waterproof gloves for extreme cold. They are ideal for both wet and cold weather conditions where there’s a lot of moisture featuring durable, stretchy and supple goatskin. It additionally has a finger and thumb touchscreen compatible mobility grip and a 3-layer membrane.


Extra Tip: Avoid winter gloves with a traditional leather palm they need extra fabric for insulation and are also a bit heavier than fleece and synthetic alternatives. When shopping for thin winter gloves and comparing them, ensure you pick one with the lowest temperature rating. It would help if you get warmer gloves than a not so warm alternative. It’s also good to carry an extra pair of gloves for emergencies. For instance, when the gloves you are wearing get damp or wet.

Lastly, if you are looking for a pair of thin winter or liner gloves to match your outfits, wear them to the shop for convenience. Ensure they perfectly compliment each other especially in terms of sizing and fit.

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