Looking for ideas of Colorado winter vacations for non skiers? If so, read our guide for some of the things you can do in the city during winter.

Colorado is known to have some of the best ski resorts in the world. However, not all residents and visitors in this iconic town end up skiing. Whether it’s due to lack of interest, injury or athleticism, Colorado’s ski resorts offer other interesting activities for non-skiers. Off the beaten path, there are a number of winter activities to enjoy apart from skiing ranging from art galleries, terrific shopping, historic saloons to stellar music venues.

Colorado Winter Vacations for Non Skiers

Here are the best Colorado winter vacations for non-skiers:

1. Adventure Parks

The adventure parks is where natural wonders usually meet the famous manmade delights.  You can enjoy some winter adventures at the Frisco Adventure Park. Enjoy the speedy tubing hill, ride hill and beginner ski along with Frisco Nordic Center. The pedestrian-friendly Coopers Mountain is ideal for older kids since features a tubing hill and Critter land for younger visitors complete with a snow den, tubing carousel, mini tubing slope and craw-through tunnels.

Frisco Adventure Park

You can also spend your winter exploring Historic Fairy Caves and Glenwood Caverns touring underground 4D Motion Theatre and laser tag arenas dining and shopping. Don’t miss out on the Iron Mountain Hot Springs while at it since it’s one of the best ways to warm up in cold weather. You’ll get to unwind in the soothing waters with an amazing view of snow-capped peaks. Iron Mountain Hot Springs features 16 different pools of steaming mineral waters in varying temperatures to suit your needs.

2. Ice Skating

Some people consider ice-skating old-fashioned yet it’s one of the best winter activities for non-skiers. If you are looking for a modern setting, Denver and Fort Collins are your best bet. They are both located in pedestrian areas surrounded by cafes and shops.

If you prefer a mountainous view, visit the Evergreen Lake on the west of Denver.

Evergreen Lake in Denver

Here, you can ice skate them warm up along the fireplace near the warming hut. You can also go ice skating at Lake City, Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone, Crested Butte and Beaver Creek.

There are many outdoor ice skating rinks with different frozen options in Colorado. Plus, they offer skate rentals if you don’t have your own and free lessons. Breckenridge and Keystone are the best Colorado winter vacations for non-skiers.

3. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

Sleigh Rides are ideal for everyone regardless of their age from kids to grandparents. Horse-drawn sleigh rides in Colorado are usually merrier during winter when you are in a group.

horse-drawn sleigh ride

The sleigh rides are more than just circling around the track. They are usually fodder for stories to share, convivial conversations and defining moments during the vacation. Snuggle under your warm blanket, sip hot cocoa while swishing through the mountains on a sleigh.

Some of the best places to visit for fun horse-drawn sleigh rides include Steamboat Springs and Grand County. Sign up for the sleigh rides during winter followed by a live show and dinner in Frisco and Durango.

4. Tubing and Sledding

Most tube and sled friendly terrains are usually found on the hills. So, bundle up the little ones in mittens and hats find your way to the hills. Spend your winter day whipping down the slow-packed slopes at the tubing hills in Keystone, Vail, Winter Park, Frisco, Pagosa Springs, Snowmass and Telluride among other destinations.

Pagosa Springs

It’s hard not to let out a giggle when sailing down the hill and catching air when rolling over the bumps. Tow ropes and lifts help lug the sled and tube to the hill tops to give you a more fun experience.

The hills at Vail and Keystone are the best Colorado winter vacations for non-skiers.

5. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is not entirely about fish. Winter anglers usually reap the most placid state rewards – a glimpse of sunrise shimmering off the frozen ripples of the lake, quiet landscapes and different animal prints tracking on the ground.

people ice fishing

You can choose to go the basic way and cut a hole then set up your chair as you wait for food. If you prefer a more sophisticated setting, check out if there’s an ice fishing cabin to rent.

6. Cross Country Skiing/ Snowshoeing

Explore Colorado’s serene forests during winter. You can either take a guided trip, go alone or embark on a snowshoe tour. Back country trails usually lead to aspen trees, snow-covered valleys and evergreen peaceful stands. It’s quite peaceful and quiet that can ever hear the sound of your heartbeat save for the chirping birds. Rocky Mountain National Park has plenty of these trails.

cross country skiing

Go to the ranger station and get a trail map or join a group tour led by a ranger. Brainard Lake offers a variety of marked trails just like other ski towns. Brainard Lake is one of the best Colorado winter vacations for non-skiers. If you are an experienced cross-country skier or snowshoer, purpose to make a reservation for the backcountry hut system.

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