Learn How to Keep Ceramic Pots from Cracking in Winter

Learn How to Keep Ceramic Pots from Cracking in Winter
November 24, 2020 0 Comments

Clay and ceramic pots are usually garden staples all over the world. They are an effective and simple way of holding and separating plants while providing adequate drainage allowing them to thrive. They are sturdy enough, versatile, and hardy to perfectly hold anything from ageing fiscus to sprouting flowers.

Ceramic pots are readily available in your locality and are also durable. However, these pots are not as strong as they look. They are relatively susceptible to temperature changes and freezing snow. The materials tend to contract and expand any time the temperature cools or heats up with the changing seasons.

During the winter season, most clay and ceramic pots crack or break by the time spring rolls around. Here’s a few tips on how to keep ceramic pots from cracking in winter:

What really happens

Water drainage in and out of the pot is usually effortless. But during the winter season, water is trapped in the planter and freezes which typically makes it expand as well. It’s the expansion that then causes the ceramic pot to crack or break.

Smaller cracks are not easily noticeable up until spring when the pot completely breaks.

How to Keep Ceramic Pots from Cracking in Winter

Fortunately, there are different ways of preventing the ceramic pots from cracking. The first option is to empty the pots filled with plants not sturdy enough to withstand low temperatures. Then, clean the pot with bleach and water after emptying it.

Sun dry the pot until the moisture contents totally evaporates. Cleaning the ceramic pot will help prevent pests and diseases. Bring the pot inside the garage, shed, or any covered area once dry and store it upside down. Ensure the pot is well-protected from snow and rain. You should do all this right before the first freeze of the winter season as it helps ensure the pot is in one piece at the onset of spring.

Some plants thrive through the winter season but still require attention before the cold temperatures sets in. Move the ceramic pots to a shelf, bricks, or concrete surface to keep it off the ground. It will help prevent snow and rain from causing the pots from sticking to the ground in case of freezing temperatures. Ensure the drainage holes are open.

Changing how you plant can also come in handy. Ceramic pots usually don’t work well with poor drainage. The more the pot stores water, the more it’s likely to freeze and cause a crack. The drainage should be abundant at the bottom of the pot before you fill it with soil. Ensure you don’t block the holes.

Storing Ceramic Containers for Winter

Just like clay pots and terracotta, it’s not ideal to store ceramic pots outside during winter. Most of the times, the exterior coating on the pots usually keeps out moisture and cracks or small chips will let some in.

Moisture in the cracks tends to freeze and expand making them larger or breaking all together. You can also try wrapping the ceramic pots as it helps prevent breaking and chips while storing.

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