Best Jackets for 0 Degree Weather (for Men & Women)

Best Jackets for 0 Degree Weather
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It’s time to get the best jacket for 0 degree weather when the wind becomes icy cold and the trees bare. Finding a warm winter coat to keep you toasty when the temperature falls towards the negative is an extreme task. However, that shouldn’t hinder you from braving the excellent outdoors.

This article highlights some of the best jackets for 0 degree weather that will keep you warm without compromising your style. Plus, they are relatively affordable.

There are several alternatives in the market when it comes to winter coats to keep you warm. But in this case, you will need more than just warmth. Here are the best jackets for 0 degree weather for both men and women:

Best Men’s Winter Jackets for 0 Degree Weather

  • 1. Arc’teryx Therme Parka

Arc'teryx Therme Parka


Arc’teryx is a famous brand known for making innovative and technical jackets. However, Therme Parka is urban. The coat will keep you warm and toasty yet sleek and stylish, ideal for different occasions.

The jacket features a high-quality Gore-Tex waterproof layer with the seams fully taped, making it breathable and durable. For maximum comfort, it’s has a 750-fill goose down insulation around the core. The jacket is also fitted with standard synthetic insulation in the collar, sleeves, and hood.

The jacket additionally features a zippered passport and insulated pockets at the front for ease of use and convenience. The jacket works well for wet snow prone areas. It’s made of waterproof and windproof materials.

However, it’s not true to fit as it runs a bit large compared to other athletic sizes. For online purchases, ensure you ask for exact measurements for a proper fit.


  • The jacket has excellent insulation
  • The material is wind- and waterproof
  • It’s long-lasting and durable


  • The jacket sizes tend to run large than regular athletic sizes


  • 2. Canada Goose Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Expedition Parka


This iconic jacket is bulky and heavy, but for some good reason. It keeps you warm and has a down fill power of 625, perfectly keeping extreme weather conditions at bay with Arctic Tech shell heavy-duty exterior material.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting winter jacket, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is your best bet. It works perfectly well in harsh weather conditions, long commutes in cold temperatures, and polar expeditions.

The jacket is also functional. It comes with ten exterior pockets with Velcro and zipper closures and another zippered interior pocket. It additionally features the best hoods in the market and a snow skirt. For an average person, it can be too much but is relatively affordable. The expedition is the best jacket for O degree weather.


  • The jacket is long-lasting and durable
  • It comes with different functional features
  • The jacket is perfectly warm even for harsh weather conditions


  • It’s quite bulky and heavy
  • The jacket is too technical for everyday wear


  • 3. The North Face McMurdo Parka III

The North Face McMurdo Parka III


It’s hard to beat the North Face McMurdo Parka when it comes to warmth. It’s the best Parka winter coat for severe weather conditions for those working on a budget. The jacket is made with Dry vent 2L material with taped seal seams, breathable and waterproof.

The jacket has a 550 down fill and is adequately insulated to keep you warm all day. The hood is large, robust, and correctly sealed to trap all the head around the head. It has a longer hem that covers the thighs, and the zipper at the front from below ensures the coat is not too restricting.

The jacket also comes with different storage alternatives. It has four pockets at the front with exposed zippers and a sleeve pocket at the back. It provides enough waterproofing, but other options in the market perform a better job in wet conditions. However, this jacket will protect you from the snow, cold, and other severe weather conditions.


  • The jacket is quite affordable
  • It has great insulation
  • The jacket comes with different storage options


  • The jacket is bulky
  • The jacket is not the best when it comes to waterproofing

Best Women’s Jackets for 0 Degree Weather

  • 1. Canada Goose Kensington Parka

Canada Goose Kensington Parka


Canada Goose Kensington Parka is the typical definition of function meets style. Its smooth and sleek exterior fabric and the exquisite feminine silhouette are unique, especially when it comes to winter coats. The jacket guarantees to keep you warm even in harsh weather conditions.

The jacket rests right above the knees, and the coyote fur ruff on the hood makes it stand out. Both the jacket’s hood and the faux fur are removable for versatility, making it the best winter jacket for 0 degree weather. The waist features an adjustable cinch tab that makes the coat perfectly conform to the body.

The jacket is insulated with 625 down fill power to keep you super comfortable and warm. The thick rib-knit cuffs help keep out cold air even on the sleeves, while the collar is knitted to lock out air once you zip it up. Although the jacket is practical, it runs tight and can be too constricting.

The jacket has a button closure, which makes securing it a bit cumbersome than a zipper one. For better ventilation and mobility, this jacket features kick pleats at the back.


  • The jacket is sleek and stylish
  • It’s functional and long-lasting
  • The jacket features several functions for maximum comfort


  • It doesn’t have a full zip closure
  • The collar tends to be tighter when the jacket is fully zippered


  • 2. North Face Metropolis Parka III

North Face Metropolis Parka III


Most people living in the city find the North Face Metropolis Parka III an affordable and stylish option for 0 degree weather. It’s typically designed to take on the female contour with plush 550 fill down power.

The jacket is not too constricting or heavy and goes down to the knees. It features a front zip closure that stops right above the knee, and a button at the bottom helps trap warm inside and keeps cold air out. It comes with several cozy and subtle features such as pockets with fleece lining to keep your hands warm.

The jacket isn’t waterproof but water-resistant since it has a DWR coating. However, it will still keep you dry and warm when it’s snowing but is not ideal for wet snow and heavy rain.


  • The jacket is sleek and stylish
  • It keeps you warm and cozy
  • It’s affordable


  • The coat is not waterproof

This jacket can also be worn with some of the best designer scarves for winter.

  • 3. Columbia Women’s Flurry Run

Columbia Women's Flurry Run


Columbia has been making outstanding outdoor gear for years, and this winter coat proves. The jacket has all features ideal for extreme weather conditions. It’s long, technically covering all the body parts that are usually left bare when wearing a short winter jacket.

The jacket features long sleeves with thumb holes to ensure your hands are warm. It additionally comes with an oversized hood with ruffles like Eskimo wear. Plus, it’s removable if you don’t like it.

The jacket has a good interior fill with Columbia’s Omni Heat. It’s typically an interior silver layer that tends to reflect your body heat, preventing it from going out. This makes the jacket have an extra warmth layer, unlike most winter coats.

The jacket also has its disadvantages. For instance, the black coat looks dark grayish. They also run large, so if you want a perfect fit, you’ll need to go down a size. Generally, it’s the best bet if you are looking for a winter coat to keep you warm in snowy and cold situations.


  • The jacket comes with several functional features
  • It’s sleek and stylish
  • The jack guarantees to keep you dry and warm in most situations


  • It tends to run large
  • It’s quite heavy compared to other winter coats


  • 4. Marmot Montreaux Down Coat

Marmot Montreaux Down Coat


Marmot Montreaux Down Coat will keep you stylish, warm, and toasty with the knee length and faux fur ruff form, whether outdoors or indoors. The jacket weighs heavy yet wears light with the 700 fill down power and 100% polyester fabric. The filling doesn’t bulk up in awkward places as it’s evenly distributed, which equally helps the jacket conform to the feminine contours.

The hood has a plush down insulation that works perfectly well in trapping heat while the torso is fleece-lined for a comfortable fit. The exterior pockets, cuffs, and collar also have a micro-fleece lining. The jacket is water-resistant with a durable water repellant layer. However, staying long in the rain saturates the coat.


  • The jacket is sleek and stylish
  • The jacket feels super comfortable and wears light
  • The plush fill is evenly distributed to maintain the feminine contour


  • The jacket is not waterproof

Factors to Consider When Looking for The Best Jackets for 0 Degree Weather


Winter jackets are not typically the most stylish in your collection, but you can get some exquisite ones in the market to keep you looking beautiful, even in cold weather. However, when it comes to extreme weather conditions, be wary of choosing fashion over functionality. Besides, it’s no use looking great if you can’t stay out too long due to the cold.

Ensure your winter coat falls on the right parts of the knees and legs since they are available in different lengths. Going for a shorter jacket will allow cold air, while longer ones may feel uncomfortable and restricted.

When the winds pick up during winter, a hood with faux fur ruff will come in handy. They make a huge difference, especially in extreme weather conditions. Huskie sledders use them for a reason.


A proper fit is important as it ensures no cold air gets into the jacket and traps the warmth inside. However, you will need enough space to layer underneath as well. Layers play a significant role in the long run. Leave some room for a thermal top, underwear, sweater, and finally throw in your winter jacket in extreme cold situations. You can even wear up to seven thin layers at -40 degrees.

Additionally, check how the jacket sleeves and hem close up to keep the cold air out. A fleece lining and high neck can be a bonus if you will stand in the cold for a long time.

Fill Power

The jacket’s material and fill power usually dictate the level of warmth. Assess the most appropriate fill power and the climate, too, although complementing features such as the fleece lining and faux fur ruff always come in handy.

Nothing beats pure goose down when it comes to filling. Jackets will higher fill powers usually are warmer. Besides, some synthetics work well as they can cope with being wet, which is a bonus. The down becomes completely useless and a soggy mess. However, getting wet is usually not an issue with frigid temperatures but freezing outside.


Not all winter jackets for 0 degree weather can double up as raincoats. People living in areas prone to rain and wet snow should go for waterproof jackets as most winter coats can only handle light showers and snow.

When the winter coat is saturated, it tends to trap both rainwater and cold, defeating its purpose. Therefore, ensure your jacket can equally handle rain, especially if you plan to use it in freezing temperatures. You don’t want to walk in a wet down jacket, and it’s not a great experience.

Choose the best jacket for 0 degree weather from the above recommendations to keep you warm and dry during winter.

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