Which are the best things to do in Colorado during COVID winter? Read on to find out.

In case you haven’t noticed, nothing changes in Colorado during the winter season. It usually becomes a winter wonderland by mid-November and residents wear their snow gear and start flocking the mountains. Those who stay in Colorado take the ski season with a lot of seriousness. There are over 320 ski resorts in Colorado that draw visitors from all over the state. If you love skiing and snowboarding, you should visit Colorado!

However, if you are not an ardent fun of skiing and snowboarding, you are at the right place. We’ve made a list of some of the best things to do in Colorado during COVID winter apart from these two activities. Enjoy!

Best Things to Do in Colorado During COVID Winter

1. Breckenridge Snowmobiling

Tis is one of the best ways to enjoy the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Snowmobiling in Breckenridge is a perfect activity for those looking for a balance between adrenaline and beauty.

people on a snowmobile

Breckenridge snowmobiling usually provides both unguided and guided tours that gives you access to vast meadows, remote forest trails, and unmatched views of the state’s highest peaks.

2. Snowshoe Rocky Mountain National Park

You can explore the Snowshoe Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain is famous for its picturesque alpine lakes and long hiking trails. Most people visit the hiking trails during summer but don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the outstanding mountain views when the temperatures drop. You can access all the lakes through snowshoeing trails and provide a number of challenges on different levels.

Snowshoe Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are visiting the place with family and friends, consider the Lily Lake, Bear Lake or the Sprague Lake.

Check out the trail ridge road if you want to have a lengthier hike. The alpine highway is a great spot for snowshoeing and Rocky Mountain Views since it closes during the winter season due to snow fall.

3. Downtown Denver Ice Skating

If you are looking for the best things to do in Colorado during COVID winter, try skating in Downtown Denver. This is your chance since Downtown Denver is currently celebrating 10 years and is offering free ice skating up to February.

people ice skating

You can rent a pair of skates if you don’t have fun with the millions of people who’ll be skating a Skyline Park. Find the ice rink near the 16th Street in Denver. It’s also a perfect spot to grab drinks and dinner after or before ice skating.

4. Sleigh Ride Dinner

Sleigh Ride Dinner is ideal for a romantic date night with your significant other or a memorable family getaway. You’ll enjoy a sleigh ride that’s usually accompanied with a bowl of chili and warm drinks at the 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, Colorado. Plus, a night of stargazing!

horse-drawn sleigh ride

After the sleigh ride, the ranch treats you to an authentic dinner, entertainment and open fire throughout the evening. Wind off the evening or night with s’mores near the campfire.

5. Ice Fishing

You can go ice fishing at Antero Reservoir if you are looking for the best things to do in Colorado during COVID winter. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the calm and peace of winter in Colorado.

people ice fishing

For a guided day at Antero Reservoir while ice skating, you can join Ice Fish Colorado. The pristine reservoir is an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs and houses some of the biggest fish in Colorado.

6. Snow Tubing

If you’d love to have some fun on the slopes without snowboarding or skiing, the snow tubing in Keystone is your best bet.

people snow tubing

The adventure point in Keystone is fitted with a conveyor lift, six lanes and lights for night tubing with varying steepness. Plus, everyone above the age of four can take on the activity effortlessly. Don’t forget to carry warm clothes and be ready to laugh your lungs out!

7. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing in Ouray is a peaceful and calm way to experience the fun of winter in Colorado. The Ice Park has more than 100 ice climbing routes with varying difficulties to accommodate small children as well.

ice climbing in Ouray

You can arrange guided climbs if you are a first timer but regular and experienced climbers can jump right in and get cracking.

8. Food Tour in Colorado Springs

One of the best things to do in Colorado during COVID winter is going on a food tour downtown.

food tour

You don’t want to aimlessly walk the streets trying to find somewhere to eat during winter. Colorado Springs has a unique and beautiful food scene with mouth-watering cuisines.

9. Torchlight Parade

You can make your holiday season memorable with the torchlight parade in Winter Park. Visitors get to enjoy warm drinks as they watch the sun set by the bonfire.

torchlight parade in colorado

The Torchlight Parade begins at night as the mountains light up with fireworks and flares.

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