What are some of the best things to do in Colorado in December this year? Read on for 8 activities that are sure to fulfill your thirst for the holiday spirit.

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the festivities in Colorado. It is considered one of the most popular states for winter activities. The open areas in Colorado Springs and mountain backdrop usually bring a range of opportunities for tourists of all ages. There are limitless possibilities for fun ranging from outdoor adventures, restaurants and trains.

Best Things to Do in Colorado in December

Here are some of the best things to do in Colorado in December:

1. Colorado Jeep Tours

Winter has nothing on the enclosed and heated Jeeps. You can navigate the Red Rock Park’s vibrant formations while learning the history of Fremont County.

jeep tour

You can choose a full or half day trips which usually include iconic stops such as Skyline Drive and Royal Gorge Bridge.

2. Breckenridge ULLR Fest

2022 marks 60 years of Breckenridge ULLR Fest. The event is usually filled with a talent show, downtown parade, fat bike race, ice skating and Ullr ice plunge. You’ll also get to experience the greatest bonfire in the state as the streets fill up with people to watch the parade. The floats are different as the participants ski off jumps and also soak in the hot tub as they glide down the street.

3. Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade

Most mountains in Colorado usually hosts a version of their own torchlight parade on the mountains. If you want to experience this unique event, visit Telluride as it’s one of the most beautiful places.

torchlight parade in colorado

You’ll be amazed as the slopes light up with thousands of people gliding down the mountain in the dark, holding their lit torches. You can see the scene anywhere in town but if you want the best view, get to Telluride’s Main Street. The torchlight parade is hands down the best thing to do in Colorado in December. You will have an amazing Christmas that you’ll never forget.

4. 12 Days of Aspen

Aspen is known to be a ski town. And for 12 days in December, it becomes a hub of holiday cheer thanks to the Aspen event. There are lots of activities to enjoy including free ice skating, a special appearance from Santa himself, cookie decorating, concerts, carolers, a Christmas buffet and a showing of The Polar Express at the Wheeler Opera House.

people ice skating

All these fun ends with an extravaganza on the New Year’s Eve over the famous Aspen Mountain. Spread the holiday cheer by celebrating in Aspen.

5. Holiday Chocolate Festival

What better way to spread the holiday cheer than with chocolates? The Holiday Chocolate Season is usually held in Colorado Springs with thousands of revelers sampling the different varieties of chocolates. Do some holiday shopping for your special ones and indulge yourself during the festivities.

holiday chocolate festival in colorado

What’s more, kids also get to meet Santa during the hot chocolate festival. The free holiday craft station also allows the kids to harness their creativity. There are gift booths that sell crafts, jewelry and clothes among others. Plus, there’s free entertainment along with the gift booths.

6. Vail Snow Days

Vail Snow Days was known as Snow Daze. It allows you to welcome the snowboarding and ski season in style. It’s an iconic winter even that’s usually packed with a lot of activities in December. It’s a fun-filled and exciting event that takes place at Vail Mountain. Vail Mountain usually kicks off winter operations from mid-November up to February.

vail mountain

Vail Snow Days are typically the much-anticipated event in Colorado in December.

7. The Royal Gorge

You can also see the royal gorge by train for a special experience. The Royal Gorge Route Railroad provides its visitors with 360 degrees view of the most incredible sights. The route usually runs at 12;30pm daily.

the royal gorge route train

The Santa Express Train is ideal for kids and the young at heart who are willing to wear their inner child on their sleeves. Visitors experience a Christmas themed journey that takes them to the actual Santa!

You can also do some holiday shopping at the retail store during the train ride. You’ll also enjoy singing along to Christmas tunes and enjoy treats, locally sourced meals and drink a cup of hot cocoa.

8. Go on a Food Tour

The best thing to do in Colorado in December is going on a food tour. Explore the unique food scenes in Colorado Springs and get to enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines in the joints.

people on food tour

Rocky Mountain Food Tours offer a glimpse into the state’s famous culinary world with the help of a local guide.

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