January is one of the coldest months in Colorado especially as you get dead into the winter season. However, this doesn’t get in the way of different indoor and outdoor activities that one can enjoy to keep away the blues. Most people usually embrace winter after the holiday cheer that comes with Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

January is typically the prime time to have some fun at the Rocky Mountain ice and snow. This article highlights some of the best things to do in Colorado in January from joyous festivals to winter recreation.

Best Things to do in Colorado in January

Here are some of the best things to do in Colorado in January:

1. First Day Hike at State Park

Start off the year on a high with a hike at one of the most prestigious state parks in Colorado. First Day Hikes usually will give you a chance to step outside and exercise which is the goal for most people as they look to shade off some weight accumulated during the festivities.

state park, colorado

There are more than 20 state parks in Colorado that offer organized hikes in light of celebrating an event.

2. Winter X Games in Aspen

Winter X Games is not the typical Olympics match but is quite popular in Colorado especially during winter. It’s fun for both the participants and spectators. Watch as the best athletes in the world compete in their disciplines of expertise ranging from snowboarding, ice skating, skiing and snowmobiling.

winter x games in aspen

Some competitors also take on death-defying stunts at the Winter X Games in Aspen. The winner is usually awarded recognizable medals in the world of sports. That’s not the only entertainment Winter X Games offers as spectators get to enjoy live music all through the weekend. You want limitless possibilities of fun? Winter X Games in Aspen is the way to go!

3. Ouray Ice Festival

Ouray Ice Festival is also quite popular in Colorado during the winter season. Both viewers and participants will have fun at the ice festival. Ouray is a tiny mountain that typically becomes climbing Mecca for Coloradans that are looking to put their climbing skills to test.

The event is virtual this year but you’ll still enjoy climbing the jagged ice walls.

4. Rio Frio Ice Fest

San Luis Valley has a beautiful scenery that you can take in during winter at the Rio Frio Ice Fest in Alamosa.  The whole weekend is full of fun-filled winter activities ranging from ice carousel, icy bonfire, the Polar Plunge and ice carving and sculptures.

rio frico ice festival

The most popular event at the Rio Frio Ice Fest is the Rio Frio 5K. The race usually takes place on Saturday MORNING. Participants go to the frozen Grande River where they run over about three miles of both ice and snow.

5. On the Ice Activities

The reservoirs and lakes will be well frozen by January. Well frozen lakes and reservoirs offer the best base for different winter activities in Colorado. The best thing to do in Colorado in January is taking on the ice activities.

ice fishing

Reservoirs and lakes in Colorado are especially ideal for ice boating, ice fishing and ice skating. Waterfall in Colorado also tend to freeze during winter when it gets extremely cold giving you a chance to try ice climbing.

6. Visiting National Parks – Free Entrance Day

The BLM and USFS offers free state entrance to national parks every year. Martin Luther King Day falls on the 20th of January and you get a free chance to enjoy in any of the four national parks in Colorado – Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Great Sand Dunes.

mesa verde national park

Free entrance to national parks is one of the best things to do in Colorado in January.

7. Hot Springs

You can visit the hot springs in Colorado at any time of the year. However, January is usually the best time to enjoy one of the coldest months on winter in a hot geothermal pool. How cool is that? You should visit any hot spring in Colorado for a fun-filled experience as you enjoy mother earth’s nature.

glenwood hot springs, colorado

There are several primitive, clothing-optional and commercial hot springs in Colorado with some of the most popular sites including Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Glenwood Hot Springs and Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

8. Estes Park Winter Festival

Estes Park Winter Festival will let you in on what makes Colorado’s winter so fascinating. This festival includes live music, photo booth, chili cook off, silent disco and beer tasking among others. All these intriguing activities are the best things to do in Colorado in January. It’s an ideal mountain and Martin Luther King Weekend.

estes park winter festival

What’s more you can stay in for an extra day and utilize the free entrance day to Rocky Mountain National Park. That’s typical of killing two birds with one stone!

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